Additional Testimonials

“David creates a training experience that conveys the essence of ST in a way that allows personal reflection and insight—and is fun! David’s training style makes understanding the concepts seem nearly intuitive, and learning the strategies for resiliency seem like a natural part of personal growth—amazing! The take away message of David’s training for me is that I can protect myself from burnout or compassion fatigue, while still retaining and honoring the empathy I feel for those around me. I am excited about putting the tools I have learned in David’s training to work for me and to be a support for others—a win-win!”
-Debra Liebrecht, RN, Quality Management Specialist, NSQIP Surgical Clinical Nurse Reviewer, The Children’s Hospital

What participants have said about David’s trainings:
  • "David was fun and was great at listening & letting people share."
  • "David is a great trainer and very kind and knowledgeable."
  • "It is a great resource to have you available as a consult for ongoing support."
  • I thought it was great that a training finally focused on each individual person & the importance of taking care of yourself & being aware of your own self to be productive in your work."
  • "The training helped me to understand some of my inner feelings that I had not processed yet."
  • "I am very glad I came today. A refresher on this once a year in more small group breakouts to work on specific secondary stress would be great."


What is Secondary Trauma?

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